Mission Statement ~ Draft

Please feel free to comment on the below draft of the Mission Statement for the “eMR 3.0 Working Group”.  Thank you in advance for your contribution.


          The eMR WG 3.0 is a Canadian national committee of clinicians, informaticians and standards experts whose mission is to ensure the clinical competency of Canadian electronic medical records “to support good data; improved practice; and appropriate interoperability that supports the exchange of clinical content between systems in support of clinicians for patient care.” (see Resolution R001 2001 11 03 v1)

  1. #1 by Raymond Simkus on February 21, 2012 - 1:53 pm

    This is an important initiative that could fill the gap between the practicing physician, the computer based medical records developers, jurisdictional and regulatory bodies and standards developers. It is now 50 years since the first EMR was used. The current EMRs have been developed as documentation tools and physicians are resisting the perceived extra workload that computer based documentation entails. Achieving higher levels of functionality with clinical decision support and population management will be difficult to achieve if physicians continue to enter data in the free form manner that the current EMRs seem to encourage.

    Less than adequate functionality of EMRs has resulted in physicians asking for the wrong solutions. It would be nice if developers, to satisfy their customers, implemented solutions in such a way that it would facilitate the ability to move to higher levels of functionality rather than providing symptomatic solutions.

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